Friday, December 21, 2007

Charm quilt pattern

As promised, here is a FREE pattern that was a part of our Charm Club last year. If you love those 5" Charm packs that are available, you'll love the Red Rooster Quilts Charm Club. Each month you will receive a pattern that uses a charm pack, a 10% discount on all charm pack purchases and a one time Red Rooster Quilts charm club charm. Please go to our web site, to sign up.
Enjoy this free pattern and please feel free to share this blog site with your friends so they can make one, too. This size makes a great wall hanging, table topper or baby quilt.

Red Rooster Quilts Charm Club Quilt Pattern
Finished size: ~36" x 36"


1 Charm Pack with 49 – 5” squares
¼ yard inner border
½ yard outer border
1/3 yard binding
1 yard backing
38” x 38” batting
4 ½” square ruler

Cut each of the 49 charm pack squares in half creating 2 – 2 ½” x 5” rectangles. Use one light rectangle and one dark rectangle and sew together along the 5” edge. Sew all pieces together in this manner.

Square up blocks to 4 ½” square.

Arrange blocks into 7 rows of 7. Place one block so that the seam is horizontal and the next block so that the seam is vertical. Continue to alternate this way for each row. Sew blocks into rows and then sew rows together.

Cut 4 – 1 ½” strips x width of fabric from the inner border. Sew onto sides and then top & bottom.

Cut 4 – 3 ½” strips x width of fabric from the outer border. Sew onto sides and then top and bottom.

Cut 4 – 2 ¼” strips x width of fabric from the binding fabric.

Quilt as desired and bind.

This pattern can be used with any of the 5” charm packs. Just change your quilt size and layout based upon the number of finished blocks from your charm pack.

Custom quilting done on our in-house Gammill Statler Stitcher for $75.00

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

That big white spot in the middle of the picture is not a mistake. It's a snowflake, or maybe I should say snowball, that is falling from the sky as I type. We've had a least 4" today and it's still coming. I've shoveled 4 times and I give up! I just can't keep up with it. So, if you're planning on coming to the shop this winter, please call first or check the web site to be sure we're open. I can't wait to go home and make a snowman. It's the perfect wet snow and warm temperature. Enjoy this beautiful snowfall and drive safe!

Monday, December 3, 2007

We Won

We WON. Karen, Marie Osmond & Kevin
Ok, now this is not what you think. I'm not talking about the Ohio State Buckeyes going to the National Championship, even though I'm a big football fan and I may talk about them in the future. I'm talking about winning two tickets to see the Marie Osmond Christmas concert last night. It all started last week when I got a call from Quilting Treasures, the manufacturer of the 1st ever Marie Osmond fabric line called Heirloom Garden. Seems that by ordering this beautiful fabric, (which by the way we still have some in stock) I was entered into a contest for two tickets to her concert and I won. So, off we traveled last night in the POURING rain to Van Wert, Ohio, yes I said Van Wert, to their beautiful new Performing Arts Center and saw Marie perform. It was a really small venue, just 850 people. I was told to report to will call for the tickets and they couldn't find the tickets. So, I thought, we drove all the way up here in the pouring rain to a sold out concert and we have no tickets. Never fear they took us to the venue manager and he had our two tickets along with our back stage passes to meet Marie with him. The concert was very nice and she had 7 of her 8 children with her who came on stage. Her oldest son sang a couple songs, too and boy, can he really sing. So, after the concert we were invited backstage to meet Marie. It was rather quick, just a quick picture and we were gone but she is very beautiful in person and gracious. So, here's the picture and ooops, had I know I was going to meet her, I'd have left the tennis shoes at home. Oh well, I don't think she noticed.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I've decided to join the 20th century and blog! So, here goes. Since this will be related to my quilt shop and quilting, I'll start out by introducing myself. My name is Karen O'Connor and along with my husband, Kevin, we own Red Rooster Quilts in Dublin, OH. It's been my dream for years to own a quilt shop. And, it's been a reality for over 2 years. We have a 3000 square foot quilt shop with just about as many bolts of fabric. We have a Gammill Statler Stitcher, are a Janome dealer and have many, many samples hanging around the store with kits available for most. Please check out our web site at
Please check back often for news from the hen house. Next, I'll post a free pattern from our charm club.