Friday, May 15, 2009

Jo Morton Fans

JO MORTON FANS here's the scoop. I sat through the presentation before Jo's so I could get a front row seat to her schoolhouse. I was so excited, she brought in a huge stack of quilts to show - new stuff from her new book, new club 9 and some other quilts she hasn't decided what to do with yet. She holds up the first quilt, I take this picture. She holds up the next quilt, I go to take a picture and my camera is full!!!! Darn those 800 Route 66 photos! But, she will have these quilts in her booth today so I'll get some more photos. But, I believe this quilt is a free download on Andover fabrics web site. ( It uses the new shirtings fabric and the new Cinnamon and Spice fabrics which we have both collections in stock. I just checked and the pattern isn't there yet but it will be soon so keep checking.

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